All about Me!

Hi my name is Jade. I am 10 years old. I’m in forth grade, I’m good at reading and Math. My favorite animal is a cat I also have a cat and her name is Bella, and my favorite Book is Warrior cats. My favorite sport is gymnastics, I also do gymnastics as a sport! My favorite food is pasta with meatballs if not, a burger from In’N out. My favorite color is ALL THE BLUES. My best friends are Sage, Santiago, Mila, and Jordan! (honestly all my classmate are my best friends!) My favorite place is Universal studios.I wrote this blogs to share my learning and also many different things! This is my favorite character from Warrior cats.

Red Ribbon Week

Happy Red Ribbon Week everyone!!

Today I made a billboard on Big Huge Labs. After I made my Billboard, I uploaded it onto my blog. Since it’s Red Ribbon Week at school, we added text to our billboard about NO DRUGS. We also did crazy hair day, crazy sock day, pajama day, and wearing red, I hope you like it!

Billboard for Red Ribbon Week!